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September 2014

Do your Fucking Research Man…

My mum recently purchased a spanking new HP laptop with model number HP15-d001sia. For some bizarre reason, I felt like this particular HP notebook model was one of the lowest classes of laptops manufactured in terms of its looks and qualities. In fact, it looked so low quality to me that I actually taught it wasn’t a genuine HP product. I didn’t jump to this conclusion based on just the look and feel of the laptop but I arrived at this conclusion during a routine driver update. I was so wrong as it turns out.

a HP laptop
Mom’s HP Laptop with Model number HP15-001sia

You see, this particular laptop came pre-installed with the highly dreaded windows 8 operating system and right off the box, the screen resolution was a bit blurry and the overall performance of the operating system was so poor that the windows performance index was 2.0. I tried to change the screen resolution and found out that I couldn’t because the option to increase or reduce the screen resolution was grayed out. Clearly, this was a display/graphics card driver issue. This particular laptop didn’t come pre-installed with HP drivers, in fact, it didn’t even have any of the bloat-ware crap HP normally ships along with its laptops. It just came pre-installed with the crappy windows 8 operating system and its supported drivers.

So I hurry off to the HP website in search of all the drivers I could get my hands on. I hit the URL which then redirects me to the UK version of the site On this site, I type in the model number of the laptop and get the following message:

HP drivers page
Drivers not available

I also tried the method that allows HP automatically detect the PC model but that also yielded the same result. At this point, I concluded that the laptop wasn’t a genuine HP product. But due to my initial bias as too how crappy this laptop looked to me, I ignored the first suggestion HP offered to me:

1. Purchased your product in a different country? Select HP support for that country

Had I followed this link, I would have arrived at the HP website for Africa, and I would have found the model number I was looking for and drivers I needed. But I didn’t, instead, I drove off to confront the guy who sold this laptop to my mum and instantly accused him of selling a fake HP product to my mum because she knows nothing about computers.

In the midst of our argument, we visited the same UK version of the HP website and searched for the drivers and found none. Then the trader typed the model number into Google and arrived straight at the African version of the HP website with all the drivers I needed.

Another HP website
African Version of HP’s Website

At this point, I felt like such a douche for accusing the poor trader of selling fake HP products. I apologized to the man and left the shop feeling so stupid. Why didn’t I even think of consulting the all-knowing Google.

So what’s the moral of this story you might ask?

Do your fucking research before you open your mouth and chat shit!!!


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