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August 2014

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#WhitePeopleEquivalents Is An Important Hashtag For America To Read



APTOPIX Police Shooting Missouri

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Fuck The Police?: On Cops, Guns, Black Men, and Ferguson — Human Parts — Medium

Why is a town being held hostage by their public servants just because the citizens assembled and demanded to know if there would be justice for a teenager killed by a local policeman?


Fuck The Police?: On Cops, Guns, Black Men, and Ferguson — Human Parts — Medium.

A Typical Example of the backwardness in Nigeria

One of my mates who now has a job working for the government in one of the Ministries advised me to constantly visit the federal civil service office in Zone 3 and check their notice boards for any vacancies so as to apply.

So as a “None-Slacking” applicant that I am, I quickly rushed down to their office and browsed through every notice board on every floor and also asked as many staff as I could. The resounding message on the wall was:

Visit for a list of vacancies and procedures on how to apply and submit applications.

I quickly rushed back home and typed the URL I was given but the page was unavailable. This is understandable as dozens of applicants were probably also trying to access that site at the same time. So I decide to try to access the page some other time.

Two days after I got the URL, I decided to try it again, this time I was redirected to the home-page of the Federal Civil Service Commission’s website. This website in my opinion was horribly designed. The main navigation menu didn’t have any indicators that they were links.

Even when you hover your cursor on the menu, you would get no indication that you were hovering on a link – no text highlighting, no underlines, no colour changes, nothing.

This is just one example of how horrible the site looks and feels. I hope this gets resolved soon as it looks like this site was not validated before it was commissioned.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. So on reaching the home page of the civil service commission, you are greeted with the following message:


The only way to complete application forms for vacancies in the Federal Civil Service of Nigeria.

Registration is open when there are published vacancies

To complete an application form, you have to register as a user, check your email for registration confirmation, then click the Apply Now link in the email. Enter your User ID and Password to access the application form, complete the application form and submit.

It is that easy!

Source – on 20/08/2014

This looks easy enough to do right. Just visit the vacancies page, register if their is a vacancy and then apply – “SIMPLEZ”

So, I gladly clicked on the Vacancies section then current vacancies and fair enough, there were some positions being advertised and instructions on how to apply for these positions. The following is the instruction section that were posted on the current vacancies page on 20/08/2014:


(a)        Online at

Application may be submitted through the Federal Civil Service Recruitment Web Portal ( ), short listed Applicants will be notified with instructions on how to upload the following documents:

(i)         Photocopies of all qualifications;

(ii)        Last four (4) years APER in the previous or last post;

(iii)       Attestation of the Head of Mission or Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Online application submission will end three (3) weeks from the date of this online publication.

There is only one problem with this procedure. The application submission link takes you back to the home page of the federal civil service commision – It does not take you to a recruitment portal as suggested on the home page.

Basically, you are placed in a loop that begins at the Home page and leads you to the current vacancies page and back to the Home page.

Maybe, the recruitment portal is still under construction but if that is the case, then it should have been indicated at the Home Page.

I hope this gets sorted out soon.

Elsewhere In The World: Irish Government Forces Suicidal Woman To Give Birth Following Brutal Rape That Resulted In Pregnancy



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