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My latest column for the International New York Times is about the ‘Trojan Horse’ scandal in Britain. Here are the opening paragraphs; the full version is in the INYT, where it was published under the headline ‘Education should be beyond belief’.

Last year, the council in Birmingham, Britain’s second city, received an anonymous document that supposedly advised militant Muslims on how to take over the governing bodies of state-run schools and impose Islamist values on them. Since the so-called ‘Trojan Horse’ plot was reported in March, it has become the center of a national controversy.

The original document is almost certainly a hoax, but it is clear that there is something profoundly wrong with many of the schools Birmingham, and elsewhere. What exactly, however, has largely been lost in the fog of ideological claim and counter-claim. The Trojan Horse affair has become an illustration both of the fraught…

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