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May 2014

Standards and Regulations: A Panacea to the failed Nigerian Project (Part 1)

According to the ISO, “A standard is a document that provides requirements, specifications, guidelines or characteristics that can be used consistently to ensure that materials, products, processes and services are fit for their purpose.” While a Regulation is a “document providing binding legislative rules, that is adopted by an authority”. Basically, standards ensure that materials, products, processes and services do exactly what they are meant to do while regulations provide legislative powers to authorities that enforce these standards. The advantages and benefits of using standards and regulations include:

  • Support for societal and environmental policies
  • Offers consumer protection
  • Are used across different markets
  • Reflect the state of the art
  •  Disseminate new technologies
  •  Are used for conformity assessment to enhance confidence

Source: Using ISO and IEC standards for technical regulations

Nigeria claims to be the largest economy in Africa based on its rebased GDP even though ordinary Nigerians can’t attest to the benefits of such an economy. One of the reasons for rebasing Nigeria’s GDP was to take into account the growth in certain sectors of the Nigerian economy since the last time it was rebased in 1990. Some of the major economic sectors in Nigeria include telecommunication, manufacturing, oil and gas, transport, Entertainment, health, agriculture and Power amongst others. Although the growth in some of these sectors of the Nigerian economy is undeniable, the impact of such growth is not felt by ordinary Nigerians. There are various reasons why the impact of the economic growth is not felt by ordinary Nigerians, corruption being the major reason, but the lack of standards, its implementation and regulation in these economic sectors is an equally important reason. This part of the article will focus on three of the most important economic sectors in Nigeria and their regulators i.e. food/drug consumption, telecommunication and power. Subsequent parts of this article will cover other sectors and their regulators. Continue reading “Standards and Regulations: A Panacea to the failed Nigerian Project (Part 1)”


The Big Questions

This is one of my favourite episodes on the big questions. I wish the program is aired in Nigeria, we need the enlightenment.

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