Ever since I installed the MTN ZTE Modem on my Ubuntu 13.10 OS, I have been plagued with this pop up message every time I boot up my system:

System program problem detected, Do you want to report the problem now?”

Pop up message that appears every time my system is booted up
Pop-up message that appears every time my system is booted up

After you click on the “Report Problem” button, you get the following message as shown in the image below:

Sorry, Ubuntu has experienced an internal Error.
Sorry, Ubuntu has experienced an internal Error.

You click on the “Continue” button and the dialogue box disappears. Presumably, a message has been sent to Ubuntu, but this pop-up message continues to appear every time the system is restarted.


A quick search on Google and I land up on this Ask Ubuntu community support page where I found a couple of potential solutions. The first suggestion I tried offered by Jason advised me to do the following:

Open a Terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T),type the following command and hit enter:
$ sudo rm /var/crash/*

You will be prompted for your password, type in your password and hit enter. As Jason states in his suggestion, “This will remove any old crashes, that might still be reported (in error). After a reboot/re-starting, any further pop-ups still need to be investigated.”

After re-booting my system, I noticed that the annoying pop-up messages had disappeared. Then I proceeded to use my Modem as usual. As soon as the modem’s application started, the annoying pop-up message appeared again. I moved over to the next advise offered by Ziyaddin Sadigov:

Open your terminal and type the following and hit enter:
$ gksudo gedit /etc/default/apport
Change enabled=1 to enabled=0, then save and exit.

After running the commands stated above, I also restarted apport with the following command:

$ sudo restart apport

You can run this command instead of restarting your system. After running all these commands, I ensured that the annoying pop-up messages were gone by disconnecting and connecting the modem back to the system. This time, the pop-up messages were gone.

 Okey Chima.