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March 2014

Immigration Test Day Tragedy

The Nigerian Immigration service recruitment exercise that was carried out on the 15th of March 2014 resulted in the death of certain unemployed Nigerian youths, our so called leaders of tomorrow. This carnage would have been avoided by simple planning. It was clear for all to see that sufficient effort was not put into the planning of the recruitment exercise. The organizers of this excercise failed woefully and as a result, lives were lost. Due to the public outcry as a result of the loss of lives, the Nigerian Government sprung into action by promising the families of the dead victims and the injured ones automatic employment into the Nigerian immigration service. In my opinion, this was so wrong on so many levels because first of all, it took the death of applicants for the Nigerian Government to realise the kind of stress unemployed youths have to go through to get jobs. I am not convinced they realise how much stress unemployed youmanagableths go through to get jobs and I feel they expect us to accept this stress because we are youths. Secondly, the Government have made a farce of our immigration service by giving the relatives of the dead youths and the other injured youths automatic job placements. Basically, the Government has implied by this action that anybody can do the job of an immigration officer no matter how rigorous or dangerous it turns out to be. There is no sense of accomplishment derived from getting a job in that manner and the integrity of our immigration service has been tarnished by the fact that literarily anybody can do the job of an immigration officer. Continue reading “Immigration Test Day Tragedy”



“Spynet”, that’s what I like to call the internet these days because pretty much everything we do on it is monitored or censored in one way or another. These activities that we carry out on the internet are also stored after being monitored, then the data is mined, analysed and studied even further. The resulting information is used to create a filter bubble of different sorts depending on the internet profile that is created for you. Many people do not even know that they are living in some sort of filter bubble on the internet. This filter bubble was created at the cost of our privacy. Our privacy as we know it on the internet does not exist any more. What we have today is an illusion of privacy. So how did the internet lose its innocence and transformed into the “Spynet”? Continue reading “SPYNET”

MTN and ZTE modem documentation failure on linux

I’ve always been a lover of all things Linux and open source because it forces you to learn cool new stuff on a daily basis in your quest to use other devices with your system. When you experience problems on your Microsoft OS, you just want to blame Microsoft whether or not they are to blame. But when you experience problems on your Linux OS, you feel like you’ve broken something even when your Linux OS is to blame. If different people from all over the world testify to the wonders of open systems like the Linux OS and it doesn’t work properly for you, then you haven’t done something right, right? This feeling motivates you to learn more and more. I just love that feeling and I try to apply it to other aspects of my life.

Enough about my obsession with Linux OS. I recently purchased an MTN ZTE MF667 HSPA+ USB modem and as soon as I connected it to my Microsoft OS, it auto ran itself and installed the MTN GUI and in no time, I was Googling and Facebooking. Next on my agenda was to use the modem on my Ubuntu OS because that’s what I use most of the time. Normally, on Ubuntu, once you connect a modem like the popular Huawie ones, it appears under the Network connection icon and once you click it, you just need to go through a simple set-up like selecting your country and your mobile network provider’s name from a preoccupied list. Once that is done, you are up and running but in some cases, you might need to enter additional details like the Access Point Name (APN), Username and Password. These details are readily available to find on the almighty Google. Continue reading “MTN and ZTE modem documentation failure on linux”

Job Cruize

I got invited for an interview in Lagos but when I turned up, they gave us four different exams…………………. A little bit of clarity or information from the employer would have been appreciated.

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